Tools for SEO Success

The most important tool you'll need to optimize your website is keywords. Before you even begin to prepare content for your site, you'll need to research the keywords that will ultimately optimize and generate visitors to your site. Additionally, using Google AdSense and AdWords will generate revenue provided you use these tools correctly. Search Engine Optimization is a serious business. Use the wrong keyword, and your website will never see the light of day. At Websitec, we will ensure that the keywords you choose are competitive and garner high traffic.

Learning how to use SEO tools can help you take your website rankings to the next level. Taking advantage of the various tools available to optimize your website for success should be a priority in any online marketing strategy. The following are some of the most popular SEO tools to optimize your website for better performance:

Google Analytics

One of the most popular and powerful SEO tools is Google Analytics. It provides detailed insights into how visitors find, navigate and interact with your website. With this data, you'll be able to better target content and generate more effective campaigns. It also allows you to track conversions and sales, which can be used to determine ROI and optimize future campaigns based on results.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is an additional tool that complements Google Analytics by providing a broader view of organic search performance. It offers insights into backlinks, broken links, crawl errors and structured data markup faults that may need fixing-all extremely important information when trying to gain visibility for your website. Most importantly it helps identify missed opportunities, which then allows you to discover brand-new keyword opportunities for further optimization.

Ahrefs Site Explorer

This tool reveals what competitors are doing better than you as far as keywords go, enabling you to learn from their successes and implement it in future digital marketing strategies. With Ahrefs' comprehensive list of keywords they are ranking for (including both branded terms and generic non-branded words), you can identify potential topics that would benefit from higher rankings on search engine pages so that you can formulate an action plan around those particular topics or terms. This will ultimately provide more search traffic than simply focusing on one core term alone since it's impossible compete against them head-to-head anyway due to their current dominance across multiple categories in SERPs overall.


BuzzStream is a powerful research, outreach, and link building tool. It helps you discover influencers, build relationships with them, manage your outreach campaigns,and track your outreach performance. With BuzzStream's keyword search, you can quickly find journalists and bloggers who write about topics that are relevant to your business. You can also easily create lists of authors for fast list-building in no time. Research your competitors to see how successful their strategies are so that you can increase your own success. It even includes automated email tracking so you can see who's opened or responded to emails in real-time.

Product Features:

- Discover influencers quickly with advanced keyword search.

- Build relationships by actively managing all your contact information in one place.

- Create lists of authors for fast list building in no time.

- Research competitors and quickly identify trends in the industry

- Automatically automate feature tracking to get insights on who's engaging with emails in real-time

- Easily access contacts from various platforms including Twitter and LinkedIn

- Visualize connections between multiple accounts quickly and easily

- Bulk send emails

Yoast SEO Toolkit

A powerful plugin designed specifically for WordPress websites - Yoast makes it easy to audit any page or post on a site for its "SEO readiness" quickly and easily with a simple score out of 100%. It even suggests recommended adjustments for quick fixes allowing marketers who don't have advanced technical skills (or understand users) enough time save precious hours searching online tutorials or asking developers too many questions just yet over minor changes here there anyway every once awhile every now again if needed depending on longterm vision objectives moving forward.


Semrush is a keyword research tool that enables you to get data about how many people are searching for a particular keyword, what the competition is like for that keyword, and what other related keywords you should consider targeting. It also provides insights into how your competitors are ranking for those keywords, which can help you create a more effective SEO strategy. If you're the kind of person who loves doing keyword research , then Semrush is a great tool for you.

DreamHost SEO Toolkit

The DreamHost SEO Toolkit helps you optimize your website and stay ahead of the competition. With its easy-to-use keyword research, competitor analysis and progress reporting features, you'll get actionable insights to dramatically boost your online visibility. Identify and target relevant keywords to rank higher in search engine results pages, monitor competitor performance growth and strategies, and receive weekly reports to keep up with the changing trends. Get the most out of your SEO efforts by leveraging DreamHost's powerful tools!

Product Features:

- Comprehensive keyword research & monitoring

- Monitor competitors rankings & strategies

- Automated & customized weekly progress reports

- Benchmarking for tracking accuracy & effectiveness

- Keyword optimization guide for improved rankings

- Receive personalized tips & advice from SEO experts

- Monitor keyword lists & rankings over time

- Automatically analyze page contents for visibility fix each issue

Varvy SEO Tool

The Varvy SEO Tool is the perfect way to make sure your website follows all of Google's SEO guidelines. With its easy to use, step-by-step system you can quickly get your website into compliance, ensuring maximum visibility and performance in search engine results. The tool checks for common issues such as missing headers, broken links, redirects and more. It also provides actionable steps to help you fix each issue and get your website up to par with Google's best practices.

Product Features:

- Check for and identify common issue following Google's guidelines for optimum SEO results

- Quickly find and correct broken links on site

- Detect server errors causing potential problems in indexing and crawling

- Analyze site structure to ensure proper loading times

- Remove orphaned pages not linked anywhere on the site

- Check internal linking on site pages before they are indexed

- Accessible user dashboard outlining everything found through analysis